Our primary goal, at Right Path, is to incubate and advance the musical career and ministry of our clients. Our goal is to serve our clients, who have already proven themselves to possess the gifts and talents for music and ministry, by helping them become adept in all the aspects needed to be successful (business, finance, longevity, relationships) rather than simply focusing on their musical talent.  

We’ve worked with many musicians and worship leaders over the years. There is a jaw-dropping amount of creativity out there, missional intuition to spare, and innovative musicians trying new ways to be God’s witnesses in their communities....But we’ve noticed a consistent theme:  A lot of gifted young musicians and worship leaders have no idea how to translate their great ideas into action. Tools for creating sustainable ministries just aren’t in many of their toolboxes. When economics force the music industry and churches to scale back, their ministries, their vision for mission, and sometimes their livelihoods are vulnerable.

Right Path’s mission is to enable mission-oriented artists, producers and songwriters to sustain their ministry by filling the critical and inevitable gaps in their professional portfolio. To help them stay on the “right path” for a sustained career in the music and ministry field.